Add a link to the body of your form

If you wish to include a hyperlink in your registration form, simply follow the steps below.  In this example, we will be adding a link into an already existing paragraph field in the form.  We will be adding a hyperlink where the red arrow is pointing.

NOTE: If you wish to add a link to your confirmation screen or confirmation email, skip down to Step 4.

Step 1:   Click Edit on the campaign you wish to add they hyperlink to

Step 2:  Click on the Layout tab

Step 3:  Click Edit next to the Paragraph field you wish to add it to

NOTE:  If you don't yet have a paragraph field in your form, simply click Add A Field.  Select the paragraph field option from the right hand column and continue with the steps.

Step 4:  Type the text you wish to make a hyperlink.  In this example we typed 'Click here to view website'. Highlight the text with your mouse (click on one end of the text, hold your mouse down and drag it across all the words until they are all highlighted). Then click the hyperlink button.

Step 5:  Type the URL into the URL field and click the Target tab

Step 6: Click the Target dropdown and select "New Window (_blank).  This will make sure the hyperlink opens in a new window and doesn't overtake your registration form. Then click OK.

Step 7: You should see the text as a hyperlink in the editor. Click Save.

Step 8: If you view your registration page, you should now see the hyperlink in the paragraph field you added it to.