Send Email Invitation

This is typically used when you are wanting to upload a list of email addresses to invite to register or donate.  NOTE: Once you submit your invitation to send, you will want to send an email to so we can verify your list and send your email for you.

Step 1:  Click on the Communication icon

Step 2: Click Send Email Invitation

Step 3: If you wish to only send your email to the emails you upload to the system, leave the Campaigns field and Registration fields blank.  NOTE: If you select a campaign(s), it will also send your email to everyone who has registered or donated to that campaign.  Click the Choose File button to find the CSV file on your computer and upload it.  NOTE: This should have names in one column and email addresses in another.

Step 4: Fill in the email details.  The Description is simply for your reference and will only be seen by you.  If you wish to schedule your email to send at some date/time in the future, you can indicate that below. Click Continue (your email will not send yet)

Step 5: You will be able to see the list of recipients (in this example there are only 3).  You can uncheck any names you do not wish to send to.  NOTE: Once you click Send Message, you will want to email so we can verify the csv list you uploaded to assure it is not SPAM.

Step 6: Once your email is sent, it will indicate this under the Recipients column.  You also can click on Recipients to see further information.

This is the further data you can view and export.  It will indicate who the email sent to.  Who actually opened/viewed the email.  it also will indicate if who clicked any links you had included in your email.  If that person clicked a link to a Webconnex form and continued on to register or donate, it will indicate so in the Registered column.