Edit confirmation screen / email

Customizing your confirmation page and email is easier than ever using the WYSIWYG Editor. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. Meaning customizing until it looks good to you. That is what you and your participants will see too.

Edit a Campaign and then Click The Confirmation Tab. The new editor allows you to customize your confirmation page and confirmation email in a few simple steps. You can modify the text formatting (bold, italic, bullet points, numbers) as well as uploading images. To format the text, select and highlight the text and then hit one of the formatting icons. Click the "Add Layout Item" button to pull in fields that registrants fill out on the form.

You can also upload images into your page and email. To do this, click your cursor in desired place where you want the image. Then click on the  Image Icon (looks like a yellow postcard). A popup will give you a menu of options.

There are 4 tabs across the top fo the new window. The 3rd icon says  Upload. Then click Browse to find an image. After selecting an image, click Send it to the Server. You can change some image properties under the Image Info tab if you want to change the size and orientation. Otherwise OK to close the image editor.

Last, you have an option to click  Source to view and edit in HTML code view (for advanced options)

Customize the page and email to your heart's content! That's it.