Redirect to a new link

Scenario:  You accidentally printed last year's URL on all of this year's marketing materials.

No problemo!  You can simply make it so last year's URL will automatically redirect to this year's URL.  Here is how.

NOTE: If you wish to have your confirmation screen automatically redirect to your website after a certain period of time, jump down and start on step 5.

Step 1:  Edit the form you want to have redirected

Step 2: Click to the Layout tab

Step 3: Click Add A Field

Step 4: Select Paragraph field (WYSIWYG)

Step 5: Click the Source button

Step 5: Paste the below code in - Replace REDIRECTURL with the actual URL you want the form to redirect to 

<script type="text/javascript">
  window.location=" REDIRECTURL";

Click Save and then go to the URL to see if it indeed redirects as you wish.

BONUS TIP:  Use a delayed timer to redirect the confirmation page back to your website or any other site.

Click to the confirmation tab and click the Source button and paste the below code in:

<script type="text/JavaScript">
setTimeout("location.href = ' REDIRECTURL';",5000);
This will delay 5 seconds before redirecting.  The time is in miliseconds.

5000 = 5 seconds

10000 = 10 seconds