Cancel/Refund a Registration

UPDATE: If PayPal is your payment gateway, refunds need to be issued directly through your PayPal account.

When canceling a registration record in your account it is important to remember that the transaction will not automatically be refunded at the same time, and there are a couple reasons for this:

1. For events: We want every company and organization to set their own refund policy. I.e. whether they are even allowed or not, and if so, if it is a partial refund or complete refund.

2. For donations: This is a more rare situation, but if someone donated more than they intended, you can refund a portion rather than making them re-do the donation, and the original registration record remains in tact.

The proper steps for canceling and refunding a registrant:

1. Pull up the Details of the registration record first and click Cancel Registration. If the registration took place in the last 24 hours you can check a box to Void the transaction at the same time. If the registration is older than 24 hours then...

2. Go to the Transactions page, find their transaction record and click Details

3. Click Refund to complete the entire process!

Or Check it out below!