Sync your account with FellowshipOne

Here are the quick and easy steps to sync your FellowshipOne account with your Webconnex Product(s).

1.    In FellowshipOne, go to apps and integrations and search for Webconnex.   Add Webconnex as an app. (you can selectively sync campaigns and choose a sync date too.)

2.    Login to Webconnex, then on the “products screen”, click “View All” which is near the upper right of the product listing.

3.    Scroll to the bottom of that list until you find “etapestry connect.” and click “Try It Fee” next to the name.  You’ll need to enter a beta key.  The beta key is:  etap1

4.    On the upper right, hit “Add Fellowship One”

5.    Choose which product you want to sync to FellowshipOne (GivingFuel, Regfox, etc). Please note, if you want to sync multiple products, you will need to do this process for each product as you can only sync one product at a time.

6.    You can specify a default fund or link it to an existing one in FellowshipOne if you already have it, or just leave it blank.

7.    Hit “SAVE” and then you will be prompted to login at FellowshipOne to authenticate yourself.

NOTE:  At this time, the FellowshipOne integration syncs limited data such as the contact information and transaction details.

Enjoy and let jus know if you have any further questions.