SalesForce integration

We offer two types of syncs with SalesForce.  1 to 1 sync and Bucket sync.

1 to 1 Sync:  Creates a contact record for each donor. George Mcfly the donor, will be in Salesforce as George McFly the organization and will be uniquely represented. In this model, Salesforce creates people as organizations.  This is because Salesforce is primarily a corporate contact manager and people manage sales leads this way.

Bucket Sync:  Adds one organization (Webconnex) to be created and then the donors are made as contacts inside the Webconnex organization. It groups all donors into that set.  This model also establishes a link between the donation and the contact by an "opportunity contact role".

We sync ever 4 hours.

The pieces of information that posts to Salesforce is:  Name, Email, Address, Transaction Amount.  

Any additional custom data will not post.  For example: tshirt size, merchandise, donating on behalf of, etc.  Those additional/unique fields will not post to Salesforce.