Why are people not receiving their confirmation email?

New policies for AOL and Yahoo email delivery.  

Email service providers such as Yahoo and AOL have recently updated their policies which in some cases has prevented mass emails to be sent on their behalf.  For instance, if you are sending mass emails through Webconnex products or any other 3rd party tool, and the email address used to send is a Yahoo or AOL, it is likely your emails will bounce or go to spam. 

This happens because emails sent through the Webconnex communication center are sent by  admin@webconnex.com on behalf of the email address you enter.  When Gmail, Comcast, and others attempt to confirm with Yahoo that the email originated from a Yahoo server, Yahoo declines, rejection the email as spam.

The best way to avoid this issue is to not use a Yahoo or AOL email address as the "From Email" in Webconnex.  It would be more ideal to use an email address from your private domain.

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