Give a discount when people register through Facebook

How to use coupon codes in conjunction with your Facebook app.  This article will show you how to incentivize people to like your fan page and when they click LIKE, a special discount will be applied to their registration. Note: This article is a followup to our previous help article for installing and using our Facebook app. It is recommended that you read it first prior to this article. Click here to view the original introduction to our Facebook app or follow this link:

Step 1) Click on your app tab and hit settings to manage the app settings. Your page should look something like this.

Step 2: The first step is to create a road block for non-fans that prompts them to like the page. In the bottom selection that says, "Content for people who have not liked page", select Image. You can upload a jpg, bmp, png image that fills in the page that has a message telling people to like the page. See below for an example of how this can look.

When the user likes the page, the page will refresh and the other form URL will display in it's place. 

The other available option for this roadblock setting is use a URL that has a message or prompts people to like the page. Most organizations simply use the image upload. 

Step 3: To set the coupon code options, hit the blue text link that says, "View Advanced Option for Setting Coupon Codes." Two inputs should reveal showing a coupon reference name field and also a field for Coupon Code.

To get these options, you will need to open a browser and login to your webconnex account. 

Step 4: Inside your Webconnex account, edit a campaign and make sure you have added the coupon code layout item to your form. You need two things from your webconnex campaign. The first is the reference code name and the second is a valid coupon code. 

  • To get the reference code, edit your campaign and click the layout tab. You will see all the fields you have added to your form. On the right side, you will see red text references. These are the reference names for each field. By default, most form's use the reference name "coupon_code". See below for how this looks in your Webconnex account.

To get the actual coupon code, hit the Coupons tab near the top page. You will be taken to the coupon management screen. We suggest making a unique facebook coupon code so you can view and track these codes uniquely. Hit Add Coupon and add a facebook specific code like below: 

To summarize, you get reference code from the layout tab and the coupon code comes from a specific coupon that has been added in the coupon tab. With these both, go back to your app.

Step 5: In the app settings, insert the reference name from the layout tab and a coupon code from the coupon's tab. Hit save.

Step 6: Use the buttons "View Non-Fans Tab" and "View Fans Tab" to preview the roadblock page as well as your coupon applied page. When viewing your coupon code discount, scroll to where your coupon code appears on your form and you will notice that the code is applied behind the scenes without showing anyone the code. 

  Note the above form took $20 (or 10%) off a $200 registration form. Discount percentages and amounts are managed inside webconnex. 

That's it. Enjoy!