Facebook / Twitter share & save

Incentivize your participants and attendees to share your event to Facebook and Twitter!  Instantly issue a discount on their registration when they share.  See how below.

STEP 1: From the Layout Tab, click Add Item

STEP 2:  From the center column, select Share & Save

STEP 3: Set your Share & Save Settings

a.  Select whether you want them to be able to post to Facebook or Twitter.  Then set the discount reward amount.  This can either be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage discount.

b.  If you check the "Limit one discount per registration", this will only allow them to share to Facebook OR Twitter to redeem one Share & Save discount.  NOTE:  If this is not selected, people could share to Facebook and Twitter and receive a discount for each share.  **NOTE**:  When using the Share & Save feature, people will also be able to redeem a regular discount through the coupon code field.

c.  By default this feature will share the registration form URL.  If you would like to share a custom URL such as your website, select 'Custom URL' and enter the custom URL.   

We make promoting your event quick and easy.  The participant doesn't have to opt-in, approve apps, or jump through any hoops.  They simply click Share to Facebook, type in their message and click Share.  It really is that easy.

Once it is shared to Facebook (or Twitter), it will appear on their timeline, as well as in their newsfeed for their network to see.

Note:  Be sure to add this field somewhere below your registration options, as this works similarly to a Coupon Code field and will apply the discount to what is above it in the form.

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