Facebook comment box


Adding comments to your page adds a new dimension of social media interaction. When people comment on the page, the the link to the campaign gets broadcast into the person's news feed and displays on their Facebook wall. A few cool things that are possible with Facebook comments on your campaign page.

  • Organizations can comment as the organization (ACME inc), not just as a personal profile from Facebook
  • Non-Facebook members can comment using Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL accounts
  • Visitors can like, follow, unsubscribe and reply to any comment
  • Comments can be placed anywhere in your campaign form
Want to add it to your campaign? Follow these simple steps.

Step 1) Edit your campaign, and click on the layout tab.

Step 2) Hit "Add Item" and choose "Facebook" from the right column

Step 3) Under the first option inside the Facebook layout properties is called Facebook Plugin. Change this to "Comments"

The menu should look like the below screen:


The Facebook Comments plugin gives you some configuration options.
  • Color Scheme: This chooses a color scheme for the comments and background colors. If the inside of your form is white or a light color, choose the Light scheme. If the form is dark, choose the Dark scheme.
  • Number of Posts: You can configure the number of posts to display by default. Limit this to 5 or 10 so that your form's page doesn't get too long. Facebook will display a link to view more comments if you have many. 
Step 4) Choose where to add the comments.  TIP: We suggest putting the comments after the general information, but before any pricing options OR below the submit button on the page. 
Step 5) Hit Save!