Facebook Like button

The Facebook like button gives visitors the ability to comment on the page they are liking before it gets shared. Here are some other cool features with the new like button:

  • Ability to change the verb from Like or Recommend.
  • Show a count of number of likes
  • Choose a color scheme of dark or light
  • Show faces of your friends who like the campaign
  • Specify a custom image, title and description for your campaign whenever it’s shared
Here is how to add the facebook button into your campaign.

Step 1) Edit your campaign and hit the layout tab.

Step 2) Click "add item" and choose the "Facebook" layout item in the right column.

Step 3) The Facebook item gives you several options (explained below) and the menu should look like this below. Follow the proceeding steps to customize the additional options. 

Option #1: Plugin: This layout item can be either a like button or insert Facebook comments. See this link for more instructions on that. Leave as Like button for this tutorial.

Option #2: Color scheme. Your options are Light or Dark. Use Light if the inside color of your campaign page is a lighter color. The font used will be dark. If your campaign page is darker, then use the Dark scheme which will assume the button is on a dark background and will use lighter font colors.

Option #3: Button Style: You can choose to have the button display with a large number count, or abbreviate the count number in the side box. 

Option #4: Verb: You can choose the option of "Like" or "Recommend" depending on your preference. 

Option #5: Show Faces: if selected yes, thumnail images of the faces of people who like this campaign will be shown. If no is selected, no thumbnails of faces will be shown. 

Option #6: Title: You can specify what the headline when this campaign is shared within Facebook. This title will be shown in the newsfeed and the profile of the person who liked the page.

Option #7: Description: When a page is shared or liked in Facebook, a short description is accompanied. You can preset this default description by entering text in this box.

Option #8: Image: Facebook displays a thumbnail image to display in Facebook. Often it is the security logo or image. To make sure Facebook doesn't select a random image, upload an image here of your event, logo or header graphic.  *** Once the campaign has been shared, Facebook will cache this image and it will use that image for everyone else. Facebook will not allow the image to be changed unless you change the URL of the campaign. (Lame, we know). 

Step 4) Select where you want to place the Facebook option and hit Save. That's it!