Create wave times

Step 1: Click Edit from the Campaigns page.

Step 2: Click the Layout tab

Step 3: Click Add A Field button to view all of the field options. Select Multiple Choice (Drop down, radios)

In the Field Name enter whatever you wish, for example "Select Your Wave Time".

Set whether you wish for this field to be required for all, or an optional field.  You will likely want it to be required.

If there is a fee associated with any of your wave times, for example a $5 fee for a chip timed wave, select Yes for financial options.  Otherwise, leave it set to No.

Down in the grey box titled Option Name, enter in your wave label such as "9:00am".

If you have a capacity for each wave time select the Limited and enter your wave limit.  NOTE:  Once this limit is reached, this option will no longer be able to be selected.  If need be, you can come back and adjust the wave limit at anytime.

To add additional wave options, enter the number of options you wish to add and click the plus button.

In the drop-down select where in the form you wish to save and click the Save button.

If you wish to view what this field now looks like in your form, click View Test to see a preview