Add account creation (enterprise only)

NOTE: This feature is only available on Enterprise package.

Account creation is not required by Webconnex.  We typically suggest not enforcing it unless you have a special situation, ie series of events.  The fewer hoops your participants have to jump through, the better.  The last thing they need is another username and password.  But you have the option to force account creation, make it optional or not allow it at all.

Some key benefits to account creation are:

  • They system will pre-populate their information
  • Participants can login to view their previous registration details

To add the account creation feature, you must first be  logged in.  You can do so by clicking here:

Next you will want to  “Edit” the campaign in which you would like to add Account Creation.  Then click “Add” to show all of the layout items.  Select “Account Creation”.

Next is where you can chose whether account creation will be  required or optional.  You also can add a brief description on why your registrants should create an account.

If you click on “Show Advanced Options” you can edit more titles and features.  Lastly you will want to select which item you would like the account creation to go after.  (Typically this is added to the beginning of the form)