Why aren't my first name and last names showing up?

Are your registrant's first and last name not showing up in the Registration Details or in the Export?  There is a very simple solution. 

Step 1:  Edit campaign(s) this is happening with. 

Step 2: Click to the Layout tab

Step 3: Edit the First Name and/or Last Name field

Step 4: Scroll down until you see "Ref Name" (you may need to click  Show advanced options in order to see it

Step 5: Replace the text in the ref name field with either: first_name or last_name

For the system to recognize these fields, that is how they must be formatted.

Once you update this, you will be able to see the updated reference name from the layout tab.

This is how the reference names should read

This is NOT how the reference names should read

Click on the Live chat or give our office a call if this doesn't work or if you have further questions.  888-317-4539.