Update a donor's billing information

Step 1:  Click the Subscriptions icon  

Step 2:  Click Search and search for the person's nameStep 3:  Click Edit on the person you wish to edit
Step 4:  Edit any of the details you wish

Amount: Here you can edit the amount they are giving as well as how often it occurs

Next Cycle: Edit when the next donation will take place.  For example, if the donation typically comes out on the 7th of each month, but they want to change it to the 18th, simply edit it to the 18th and it will pick up again on that date.

Payments Left:  If you'd like to limit how many recurring donations are remaining, you can set that here.

Enabled: This is where you can enable and disable a recurring donation

Email:  Update the email address on file

Billing Information:  Update the billing information for the recurring donation