Send year end statements

Send year-end statements to all your donors at once or one of them individually in just a few steps. Here's a step-by-step below.

Watch a quick video of how to send here:

 1. Log into your GivingFuel account and enter the product, then click the 'Customers' icon. Then click the "Create Year End Statements" button.

2. Your first time through, you'll need to set the "template" for your statements. This is simply setting the company name, email address, street address, email subject, etc. that the summaries will appear to be sent from. To do that click the "Edit Statement Template" button. You can even specify a custom message!

3. Customize your year end statement template by entering your official organization, contact information and tax ID number. You can also include a custom message to personally thank your donor(s).

4. Then click "Save & Preview" to view how your donors will see it.. If you need to make changes, hit Edit or hit Continue.

5. You can then use the View or Send button on the right hand side of any donor to view and/or send summary statements to donors individually.

6. You can send statements to all your donors with a few clicks. Hit Send All Statements to confirm the donors you want to send statements to.

7. On the Send All Statements page, you can see a snapshot of all the donors who will receive a year end statement. If there is someone you do not wish to send a statement to, simply Uncheck their name. You can also see a sample of what everyone will see. Once it's ready just click Send Message!

It is as simple as that!  If you have further questions, send an email to