Make your ticket price automatically increase

A really useful feature is to use date ranges to automate the price increase of your tickets. Here's how:

1. Add another Ticket Box to your page.

In the Layout tab, click Add A Field. You'll need a separate Ticket Box field for each price level.

2. Set auto-hide date for the initial price.

Click Edit next to the first ticket price field. Once you do, you may need to click Show advanced options. In the Date Hides field enter the date you wish this price level to end.

3. Set auto-show date for the second price.

After saving ticket price one, click Edit next to the other ticket option. In the Date Shows field enter the date you wish this price level to begin. Ideally, this date should be the same as what was previously used for the other price to hide.

4. Make sure you didn't screw it up :)

Once you save the second ticket price, you should now notice that it is red in the Layout tab. This means it is hidden from the page until the date you've set for the price to switch. Good job!