Overview of the Ticketing tab

Here is a visual overview on designing the printable tickets for your campaign. To create the template for printed tickets, edit the campaign and click the Ticketing tab. 

1 & 2. Header and Sub Header are pretty straightforward. This is the heading content of your printed tickets. You can use your event name and a short subtitle:

3. Event Logo section is where you can insert your company logo or event graphic. Use a PNG or JPEG file. Suggested image size is 300 x 200.

4 & 5. Sections 1-3 are optional content areas. These content areas can be totally custom and can say anything you want! In our example we are including some information about parking. Some common uses are for parking info, driving directions, and discount codes for future events. NOTE: In order for the content to appear, both fields in the section need to be filled out. Leaving the "Title" box blank will cause any other content to NOT appear.

6. The  Sponsors section is where you can include your sponsor logo. If you have multiple sponsors, it is necessary to combine these logos into a single image file before uploading. Use a PNG or JPEG file. Suggested image size is 650 x 140, though the height may be even larger depending on how much other content you have on the tickets. You can always check on how you're doing here by clicking Preview Ticket and making sure that all the ticket info is above the Print Guide line.