Track Conversions With Google Analytics

Conversion Tracking is a free tool through Google that shows you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads.  

A   conversion is an action that a customer takes on your website that has value to your business, such as a purchase, a sign-up, or a view of a key page. These actions are called conversions because a customer's click translated -- or  converted -- to business. Think of it as the  cha-ching! from your cash register.

By tracking these actions, known as " conversions," you'll know which ads,keywords and campaigns bring you business. This helps you invest more wisely in the best ones and, ultimately, boost your return on investment (ROI).

STEP 1:  From your Google Analytics account, click on Goals which is found under the Conversions menu.

STEP 2:  If you have never set up goals, Google asks you to confirm first.

STEP 3:  Click on one of the available areas to create a Goal. Google gives you a few.

STEP 4:  Enter the Goal Name (something you can know distinguishes that conversion from other campaigns)

STEP 5:  Select URL destination as the Goal Type

STEP 6:  Enter the ending URL of your registration page in the box.  So if your registration page is - - you would enter "/raceregistration" in the box

STEP 7:  After entering "/raceregistration", add a "?complete=" after it.  The combined result should read "/raceregistration?complete="

STEP 8:  Hit Save

STEP 9:  Add your Google Analytics ID to the Basics tab of your Webconnex form(s).