Go Live! (How to get your published URL)

This is a quick little tip for making sure you have the correct link to your Webconnex page. You want to make sure you're directing people to the right place!

1. Log into your Webconnex account and click Enter Product or click the product logo. Then click Edit next to the campaign you need the URL for.

2. The full page URL is then immediately visible in the Basics tab!

Another great thing to do while you're here grabbing the URL is to check your registration open and closing dates and make sure that they don't conflict with today's date. You don't want your form to inadvertently go down at the wrong time!

P.S. Another easy way to get your live URL is to click the View option instead of Edit on the Campaigns screen. This opens the live version of your form and you can then simply copy the URL from your browser's address bar.