Can I embed my page on my website?

Yes and no. Here is a quick explanation on some options you have.

The safest and most secure way for you to accept payments and registrations is to link directly to your form on our site. That is because we host, encrypt and protect all the information. The majority of people want to do this so that their form looks as close to their own website as possible. Really, it is a question of how to customize your page to look like your website. We suggest first working on some advanced ways to customize your registration page and giving page. We are here to help with that if you need.

If you prefer to still embedd the page, you can do so using an iframe on your site. If you are web saavy or have a web guy, he should know how to do this. However, there is a slight problem with this method.

Iframe embed warnings:

When you use an iframe to embedd your form, your visitors will be seeing your website domain (ie:  instead of the secure url of your form itself (ie: This means that unless you have your own SSL or security encryption, your visitors will not see your page as secure. People look for the "s" on the end of the "http" and this is a very big deal to many. If you are taking financial transactions, it is important that your visitors see that the page they are giving has an https://. Though the inner payment page inside the iframe is still secured by us, the parent page (your website) will not show a secure url. Expect complaints and emails about this.

People take security and encryption very seriously these days. We strongly discourage anyone from using an integration method like an iframe without also installing a security certificate on their server first. We've spent thousands of dollars on our security and encryption and this comes to you at no added cost. Might as well use it and display our security credentials for it.

We have seen some very impressive customizations of our forms. Remember, we give full CSS control. With a little help, you should be able to make your form look almost any way you want. Reach out to us if you want some extra assistance in this.