Using the communication center

You can use the handy Communication Center in your Webconnex account to easily send email messages. Here's how:

1) Click the "Communication" icon along the top. Then click "New Message"

2) First specify the recipients for the message. You can send the email to registrants of one or more campaigns, and even narrow it down to a specific date range. You can also upload a CSV file list of names and email addresses. If you're not uploading a CSV file, and only have one campaign, do not leave it unchecked. You need to actually click and select the campaign name. Then customize the message details.

3) Finally, confirm the message. You'll see a summary of all recipient names from which point you can individually uncheck any individual you don't want to receive the message. Then confirm the message looks right. If not "Edit Message" and make changes, or "Send Message." Done!

NOTE:  If you create an email to send immediately, the email will be sent exactly 15 minutes after you click send.