Send a copy of the confirmation email to multiple people

Here is a little known trick. Lets say that you have a registration form that allows someone to sign up and also sign up their buddy. But you want the email confirmation to go to the registrant and their buddy. Here is how to do it.

On the Layout Tab, you need to find the reference name of the second email field you created. You can find this by looking at the listing of all your layout items and then look to the far right. You'll see in red the reference name. For this example, lets say its called friend_email_address.

Now, go to the Confirmation Tab. You build the confirmation page information using square brackets like these [first_name] [last_name] where you insert the reference name inside the brackets to display the information submitted on the form. This also works for the email options. Notice in the BCC area, you can put your email address and anyone else's you like. If your reference name for the secondary email wasfriend_email_address, then put this in square brackets in the BCC field.

That's it. When someone registers, they will get an email and so will their buddy.