Organize your campaigns with folders

STEP 1:  On the Campaigns screen, click Add Folder

STEP 2: Name your folder & click OK

STEP 3: Drag and Drop any desired campaigns into the space above the grey line to add a campaign to the folder

Repeat Step 1-3 to create multiple folders

Click on the Folder Name if you wish to hide or show the campaigns listed in that folder

Below is what it looks like with the campaigns hidden.  These campaigns can still be active, they are just now better organized.  You can reorder the folders by clicking and dragging the Folders in the order you prefer.

If you wish to Rename a folder, click Rename

If you wish to delete a folder, click Remove.  This will NOT delete the campaigns in the folder.  The Folder will be removed and the campaigns will be added back to the campaigns list as shown below.