Specify the date a line item fee will show/hide on your form

Here is a tip on how to use the advanced date options for line item fees(or convenience). For example, lets say you have a convenience fee that will disappear after a certain date, OR will appear on a certain date. Instead of editing your form, you can make this line item appear automatically. Here is how.

Click into the Layout Tab. Then add a line item fee (use for convenience fee). Then click the link to Show Advanced Options. Under the advanced options, you will see two date fields -- a start date and an end date.

For the start date, enter the exact date and time for this line item to appear (see screenshot below). You can make this a specific time if you like. This date will control exactly when this line item will appear on the page.

The end date works in the same way. Except it will hide this line item after the date has passed. Enter a date and time and then this line item will automatically be removed.

Couple notes...

- If you leave the start option blank, this line item will appear right now.

- If you leave the end date blank, this line item will appear permanently.