How to pre-select an option from a link

For the multiple choice field, you have the option to make any one of your options to be the default selection when the page loads. But what if you are linking from a special email, tweet or webpage that calls for a specific category selection to be picked. Essentially, how to preselect a selection from the link  This was the case for one client who wanted to have a special village selected for various marketing efforts.

Here is how you do it.

First you need to know the reference name for your category. On the layout tab, you will see little red text in the row that lets you know what the name of it is. In this case, it is simply called Category.

Next, you need to find the ID numbers of your selectable options. In this example, there are 4 possible villages one could select. You can find the ID numbers of these selections by viewing the page source of your form. So preview your form, then go to View --> View Source. You'll see a bunch of code, but if you look carefully, you'll recognize the text. I generally hit "CTRL and F" to open a search box. I type in the name of the reference (in this case Category). I see my various options and some ID numbers next to them. (see example on screenshot).

Once you have the ID, then you need to add this to your form's URL

Here is the syntax: (where reference name is Category and value is the ID number). So this example it would be ""