Manually Enter Cash and/or Check Transactions

  1. Log into your Webconnex account and click on Gateways. Click "Add Gateway"
  2. Under the credit cards section select any gateway, for this example we'll use Then hit "Continue."
  3. Now, the URL in your address bar should read like this,
  4. Change it to read, for checks
  5. or  for cash, then click "Save"
  6. You can add one or both as options, but you must follow steps 1-5 and add them each separately.
  7. Cick to the Campaigns screen and click "View" to view your form.
  8. In the green bar at the top of your screen click "here for Manual entry" Your URL should look like this:
  9. Your form is now in paper entry mode. You should see an orange bar along the top of your form that says "This form is in MANUAL ENTRY mode. All fields are optional."
When you click Manual Entry, all fields in your form become optional.  Enter the necessary details and continue on to the payment details.  You should now see Credit Card, Paper Check and Cash options.  Select the one you wish to enter and click Submit.