Link Your Cornerstone Gateway

Syncing your payment gateway from Cornerstone is really easy and can be done in a few clicks!

You'll want to have your acceptance email from Cornerstone handy, which includes your Merchant ID and Merchant Key in the attached Word document (this should have been emailed to you).  Though the actual document is longer the main portion you need is at the beginning and looks like this:


Step 1. Log into your Webconnex account, and click the "Gateways" icon along the top.

Step 2. Choose "I already have a gateway" (or Add Gateway)

Step 3. Choose "SAGE" under the Credit Cards section

Step 4. Enter your Merchant ID & Merchant Key from the Word doc. You should always copy/paste, and make sure there are no spaces in either field.


Step 5. Check the card types you are approved to accept. (this is listed in the Word doc a little further down)

Step 6. Click Save and you are ready to process payments online!