How to add a Privacy Policy to your campaign

Is your gateway requiring you to include a Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions? Follow these 7 easy steps to add these documents to your campaigns that will be processing payment.

Step 1: Once logged into your Webconnex account, enter your product and select Edit next to the campaign that you will be adding the document to.


Step 2: Next, select the Layout tab. 


Step 3: Then you will want to select the add button, to add a new layout field.


Step 4: Select the Paragraph (WYSIWYG) field. 


Step 5: Next, in the paragraph field  type "Privacy Policy" and highlight the text; then you will select the Link button.


Step 6: Next Select the Upload Tab.


Step 7: Finally select Choose File to upload the privacy policy and then select Send it to the Server. Once it has been sent to the server select okay and then select the placement of the field and Save. 


If any questions come up along the way email us at