How do I move from 3.0 to 4.0?

Step One: Create a 4.0 account 


  • It's free to create an account! No card on file required for sign up. 
  • You will have access to GivingFuel, RegFox, RedPodium, and TicketSpice with one login. Once you sign up, you can toggle between the products just like you could in 3.0 

Step Two: Add your team 

Select Users from your main menu to invite your team. You can customize their settings now or update them later. 

Step Three: Create your first campaign

4.0 has an intuitive, real time builder that makes creating campaigns super fast and easy. But if you're feeling stuck, message our support with the chat bubble in the right corner of your screen. Our team will help build out your first campaign to get you started. 

Step Four: Set up your gateway 

4.0 is compatible with Webconnex Payments (WePay), SagePaya (Cornerstone),, Stripe, Secure Net (Worldpay), Payflow Pro, and CyberSource. 

**To enable ACH payments (GivingFuel Only), you will need to use Sage (Cornerstone) or

To use the same gateway as your 3.0 account, select Payment Gateways from your main menu and enter your credentials. 

To switch to Webconnex Payments (WePay), follow these steps.

Step Five: Waive the billing in 3.0 

Rest assured, you won't be paying for both accounts! Our team will waive the billing in 3.0 so you're only paying for your new account. Send us a message when you're ready to switch. 

4.0 Pricing 

  • RegFox and RedPodium are $0.99/registrant + 2.99% (WePay) 
  • TicketSpice is $0.99/ticket + 2.99% (WePay) 

Step Six: Transfer your recurring donors (GivingFuel Only)

Here's how:

Step Seven: Change (or redirect) your links 

Wherever applicable, you'll want to swap out your 3.0 links with the 4.0 links. 

**GivingFuel Only - You can do this before the recurring donors are moved over, that way you only have to do the transfer once. 

Step Eight: Pat yourself on the back, you crushed it! 

FAQs - 

Is there a way to automatically move my 3.0 campaigns over... without rebuilding them? 

4.0 is a totally separate system with a totally separate backend structure. It allows for all the awesome new features, but not for a direct transfer. However, our team is available to assist with building your first campaign (or template) and you'll find that building a campaign in 4.0 is much faster and easier with our real time builder. 

Will I lose any data in the switch? 

No! You will still have full access to your 3.0 account and all the data you've collected there. You can sign in to view or download that information anytime.