Benefits of having a Gateway

1. People see your organization name on their statement... It could be confusing for your registrants or donors to see a charge from some third party processing company on their receipts. By setting up a gateway you’ll avoid your customers possibly disputing charges.

2. The money goes directly to you in 2-3 days... Webconnex does not hold any of your funds. The funds are sent directly through your billing gateway and deposited into your bank account like a regular bank transaction.

3. There are fewer steps...  Your customers don’t have to be redirected to another payment service page to complete the transaction. With a payment gateway you can accept credit cards and virtual checks, also known as echecks, right within your Webconnex form.

4. Get preferred Visa / MasterCard rates... With a payment gateway you have the ability to work with a company that can give you specific rates based on your needs and anticipated volume, instead of being forced to stick with one fee structure. We’d be happy to point you in the direction of a processor we know can save you money.

5. Increase conversions and simplify payment processing... This goes hand in hand with the benefit of being able to accept different payment types directly within your Webconnex form. By not redirecting to another payment page for completion you’ll establish a feeling of legitimacy in your online solution and retain approximately 50% more of your customers.