Field options overview

To add a new field into your form, click the Add A Field button to view the field selections.Below is a full list of field options.  NOTE: The Account Creation field is only available on Enterprise Package

Input Fields:  These include fields where you are capturing information from the registrant.  Below are some common use cases for each one.

Text Box: First Name / Last Name

Text Area: Capturing feedback about a race in a post-race survey form.

Phone Number: Phone Number or Emergency Contact phone number

Date Select: Used for birth date

Date Picker: Selecting a date on a calendar view

Agreement (Terms of Use): This is used to paste in your waiver.  It is a required field where you can even collect their electronic signature.

Email Address:  Use to collect their email address.  People's confirmation email will be sent to the email that is entered in here.

File Upload: This field allows your registrants to upload images, PDFs, documents and zip files into their registration.

Account Creation: (only available on Enterprise package) Allows your registrants to create an account so they can log back in to edit their registration. Typically not a recommended field.

Multi-Reg Participant List: This allows multiple people to register on one transaction.

Team Box: This is the field that allows registrants to create and join teams.

Financial Fields:  These are fields you can associate a dollar amount with.  For example, selling merchandise, accepting registration fees, convenience fees, issuing discounts, etc.  A few common use cases are below.

Ticket Box:  This is used to sell barcoded tickets. Often for pre-race pasta dinners or after-parties.

Quantity Box:  Used to sell merchandise such as tshirts or color packs, etc. NOTE: This is not available in TicketSpice

Multiple Choice:  Usually used for listing Registration options or tshirt sizes.

Amount Box: Accept donations towards a cause in your registration form.

Check Box: Typically people include this if it is a quick add-on option.

Line Item Fee: Set your convenience fee with this field.

Coupon Codes: Where participants enter their coupon code to receive their discount.

Share and Save:  Allow people to share to Facebook or Twitter that they are registering for your event and automatically give them a dollar amount or percentage off their registration.

Show Running Total:  Display their running total for the registrant to see as they are filling out their registration.

Billing Gateway:  This is where people enter their billing information in order to checkout.

Design fields:  Use these fields to customize the layout of your form and to provide information and sharing options. Some common uses are listed below.

Big Heading:  This is a larger title field you can use.

Small Heading:  This is a smaller title field you can use.

1-Line Text:  If you wish to just add a quick line of text to your form.

Paragraph (WYSIWYG):  This allows you to format a larger body of text.  It gives you bold, underline, alignment options, etc.  WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get.  It is the type of text editor being used;-)

Blank Line (Space):  If you want to space out some text or fields with some blank space, drop this field in.

Horizontal Line:  Use this to divide sections of your form.

Sharing Links:  These are the more old-school links such as myspace, Digg, email, etc.

Facebook:  This lets you add a Facebook Like button and/or Comment box so people can interact with your form.

Location Details:  This will show the address/location of your event or packet pickup, as well as hyperlinks to goo

Submit Button:  This is the button at the bottom of your registration page that allows registrants to submit their registration.

Page:  If you wish to add additional pages to your registration form, you can do so by adding Pages.