Create multiple registration options and price increases

If you wish to create multiple registration and/or price options, follow these steps.

From the layout tab, find the field labeled Registration Options and click Edit.
If you wish for change this field name from Registration Options to something else, simply edit the Field Name field.

We have setup the below options to fit pretty much any event.  So feel free to skip down to the next section without making any changes.

Here is where it gets interesting for you.  Below is where you can set price increases (visual is below as well). 

Step 1: Delete our sample text from the Option Name field, and replace it with your registration option text.  For Example 5k Early Bird Registration.

Step 2: Set this registration option's price point

You also can set the Limited Supply.  If you only have 500 spots available for the 5k, you can set it so that option will close once the limit is hit.  That helps assure you do not oversell that option.

Step 3 & Step 4: You can set registration options/prices to show/hide on certain dates by setting the Option Will Appear On, Option Will Disappear On.

Example:  If you wish to have the 5k price start at $25 and have the price jump to $30 on July 1st at 9am, you will want to set the 5k Early Registration  Option Will Disappear on to July 1st at 9am.  Then, In the next field.