Make your form multiple pages

If possible, we recommend starting with a template that gives you multiple pages, such as the multiple registrants template.  If you are too far in and do not want to start over, this article will show you how to transform your form into multiple pages.  

First, you will want to click Add A Field.  

In the bottom right column, you will want to select Page.

Once you add a new page, you will notice on the upper left that a new page has been created. You can click back and forth between pages and add new layout fields to each page.

Here are a few things to remember when using multiple pages.

1) You need to be sure to add a Submit Buttons to the bottom of each of your pages. You can change the label of the button from 'Submit' to 'Next' or whatever text you desire.  But in order for people to be able to navigate between your pages and submit the form, this will need to be present on each page.

2.) Always have your billing gateway at the bottom (before the submit button) on the last page. After a financial transaction is complete, it will show your confirmation page.

3.) To move items from one page to another, simply click and drag the item up and drop it on the page number you wish to move it to.  You may need to click to that page and reorder the fields once you move them.

Multi-Pages gives you new flexibility to break up your information to multiple pages and also allows you to use multi-reg.