Update Your Billing Information

Changing your billing information is a part of updating your product package. This can be done with just a few simple clicks, once you are logged into your account.

Step 1: Once logged into your Webconnex account, on the first screen you will see two options below the product description, “View Plan and Billing Information” and “Pause or Cancel Account”. To update or change billing information, select “View Plan and Billing Information”.


Step 2: Selecting “View Plan and Billing Information”, will bring you to a screen, first giving you the option to Pause or Cancel the product (see this link for more details) and to upgrade/downgrade the package level.


Step 3: Finally this screen will also allow you to edit the billing information on file. Choosing “Credit Card” allows you to use a credit/debit card, and choosing “Check” allows you to use a checking/savings account. Don’t forget to check the box confirming that you are updating your billing information and starting a new billing cycle.


For further information on updating your package see, Pause or Cancel Your Account.