5 items rookie users overlook (don't be one of them;-)

5 Items Rookie Webconnex Users Overlook

  • Setting up a gateway
  • Updating Facebook Share Information
  • Editing the Confirmation tab
  • Putting a “www” in the URL
  • Making the form look good

If you are new to Webconnex, you are probably full tilt into event planning mode.  Things are crazy and you are trying to get your form live ASAP.  We understand the urgency and we want to help you get your online form ready for the starting line.  Before you ‘Go Live’, be sure to check out these common blunders people experience when speeding through the setup process.  Don’t worry, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Let’s jump in!


1st OVERLOOKED:  Setting Up A Gateway

If you are like 99% of our clients, you are using our software to accept online payments.  In order to do so, you will need a payment gateway.  The payment gateway is the means by which your participant’s money goes from their credit card to your bank account.  Webconnex does not technically process the credit cards for you, but we make it super simple for you to do so.

Unlike many competitors in the industry, Webconnex does not lock you into an atrocious processing percentage.  You have the freedom to negotiate your rate with just about any credit card processor in the industry.  Now, I know what you might be thinking, “That sounds like a lot of work”  “ Where do I even begin?”  We’re glad you asked.

We try to make the setup process as simple as possible.  If you currently have a gateway, you can link it to your account by clicking here. (make sure you are logged into your account before you click the link).

If you are not working with a gateway, we have a list of companies we would recommend based on customer feedback we have received.

Cornerstone Payment Systems



A wide majority of our clients tend to go with Cornerstone.  There are a few reasons why. 

1.  EXCEPTIONAL RATE:  They offer a flat 3% rate.  No setup fee.  No monthly fee.  No per-transaction fee.  

2.  ROBUST REPORTING:  Cornerstone has worked with us to develop Batch reporting and Deposit reports.  These make accountants jump for joy!  Easily reference which transactions were in each deposit.

3.  IPAD APP & POS FEATURES:  Cornerstone allows you to utilize our iPad app and card swipers to accept payments on-site.

 If you wish to use Cornerstone click here to get started.  Fill out that application as much as possible.  The setup process typically takes 2 business days.

Once you have a gateway, you can   click here to link it to your Webconnex account, or just email help@webconnex.com and we’ll do it for you.

Click here for more helpful gateway tutorials.


 2nd OVERLOOKED:  Updating Facebook Share Information

Clicking “Like” is a natural instinct these days.  This is why we’ve added “Like” and “share” options to the form and in the confirmation.  What information will be shared with your participants’ social network when they click “Like” on your form(s)?  Not sure?  Edit the Facebook “Like”  Button on the Layout Tab to find out…

The edit screen is where you can update the Title, Description and image that will be posted to your participant’s timeline.  By default the direct link to the registration form will be posted, but if you wish to have it share a custom URL such as your website or Facebook Fan page link, paste the desired URL in the Custom URL field.

A sample Title:  “I’m so excited!” or “I just registered, you should too!”

A sample Description:  “You and your friends won’t want to miss EVENT NAME on EVENT DATE!”

Click here to see how to use the Facebook App and for other helpful tutorials.


 3rd OVERLOOKED:  Editing The Confirmation Tab

The confirmation screen and confirmation email are two things that are seen by each of your registrants.  We give you the tools to make this totally custom (so it feels like it’s coming from you, not us).

Consider including event day details such as parking information, policies, expectations, timeline, etc.  Include a link to your site that lists FAQ’s.  As you know, participants tend to have a lot of questions.  Take advantage of this opportunity to provide information now so you will have to field less calls and emails later.

The confirmation screen and email also make for a great way to bring value to your sponsors.  What more effective way to give them a touch point with each registrant prior to event day?  Why not include a few sponsor images and links in the confirmation screen and confirmation email?  You can also  provide a link back to your website to view additional information.

Tip:  To avoid confirmation emails from going to the spam box, include a From Email that has your web domain in it example   Johnny@webconnex.com.  You also will want to avoid using emails with info@.... or sales@... or support@....  We suggest using a name@eventdomain for best results. 


4th  OVERLOOKED:  Including A “www” In Your Form URL

All of your Webconnex forms are stored on our secure server.  This means there is not a ‘www’ in your form’s URL.  It will look like this, “ https://yourname.webconnex.com/yourpage.  For many, it is habit to enter a ‘www’ when typing a URL.  To assure your URL is correct, we recommend logging into your account and clicking ‘View’ to launch your form.  This way you can copy the exact URL.

If you ever try to view your form and you receive the error, or a message saying the form is not secure “??????????????”, chances are high that your URL has ‘www’ in it.


 5th OVERLOOKED:  Making the Form Look Good

On the DESIGN TAB we give you all the tools you need to create a great looking form.  There are three options.

  1. SIMPLE:  Go to the DESIGN TAB and use one of our “Graphic Design Templates”
  2. CUSTOM:  Go to the DESIGN TAB and use the tools to create your own look and feel.  When done right, your form is going to look amazing!  However, if you don’t have access to good design artwork, it can end up looking pretty unprofessional.  Here are a few tips:
    1. Start with a great header image!  The ideal size is 800 pixels wide by 300 or 400 pixels tall.  Note:  you can go shorter or taller, but be careful about going much narrower than 800 pixels wide.  Most times if you ask your web designer for a header image, they can create one for you.
    2. Choose a background image, or background color.
    3. Choose the font colors

     3.  LET US DO IT:  Call us and we’ll help you design it!  We’re happy to help design the first one to keep your page looking good.

Click here to see how to use the Design Tab.



  • Gateway is set-up
  • Facebook sharing options are done
  • Confirmation screen and email are customized
  • I didn’t add a www to the link
  • My form looks great

 For more questions, check out our Help Center or email help@webconnex.com.