Upload a List of Codes (Integrate w/Groupon & LivingSocial)

With Webconnex, you can now upload your own unique list of codes.  The codes can be used as “Invite” Codes and/or Coupon Codes.

Today we will focus on how to utilize them as Coupon Codes. 

Do you have a group of members, sponsors or previous registrants you wish to issue a discount?  No problemo!  This can now be done in a few easy steps.

Step 1:  Click on the Coupons tab.  Then click Add Coupon.

Step 2:  Name the list of codes.  In this case we will name the list “Members”.  Then, check the box that says “Import a unique series of coupon codes”.

Step 3:  Paste in your list of unique coupon codes.  Each code must be separated on its own line.  If you would like help generating a list of codes, click here for a useful tool.

Step 4:  Input the rest of the Coupon Code details.

  • Description:  Assign a description of your code.  This is for admin purposes only.  Your registrants will not see this.  In this case we will say “Member Discount Code”.
  • Subtract One-Time Amount:  For example “100 percent of running total” or “20 fixed dollar amount”.
  • Supply:  When uploading a list of codes, leave the Supply section set to “Unlimited”.  The uploaded codes automatically default to one-time use.
  • Expiration Date:  You can set a date you wish the codes to expire.  If no date is set, they will not expire.

Once your codes are created you can begin distributing them to your registrants.  Your registrants simply enter the code into your form to redeem their discount.

It is as simple as that!

Helpful Tip:  A quick and effective way to distribute your codes is to perform a Mail Merge.  Here is a YouTube video that you may find helpful.