Give a free entry (hide the billing gateway)

If you have an event and want to give out free entries, we will walk you through how to create a 100% off coupon code. Here is a quick tutorial how to do so.

NOTE: When the registration is free to the registrant (no transaction takes place) the registration is also free for you.  In this case you will not be charged our per-registrant fee.

Step 1: Edit your campaign

Step 2: Click on the  Coupons Tab.

Step 3: Click Add Coupon

Step 4: Create your code. Here is a description of each field option

a. Code:  Enter the code you want to use. This example: SPONSORSROCK

b.  Description: This is for your reference to know what the code is for

c.  The campaign is already selected for you (or you can select all campaigns if you want the code to be able to be used on any of your campaigns) NOTE: the code is good on one or all campaigns, not some.

d. Substract One-Time Amount: Enter the amount you wish to deduct from the total on the registration form (This is example is 100). Then select if you wish for it to be a fixed dollar amount or percentage off.  The example below is deducting 100% off your registrant's total which means it will give a free entry to the registrant.

When people enter this code, it will decrease the amount by 100%. This hides the billing gateway so they are not required to enter any billing info in order to submit the form.  You are not charged our pre-registration and/or per-ticket fee when the billing gateway is hidden.

Please Note: The Percentage of Running Total option means that it will take a discount off the totalled amount up to line where the coupon code is entered. If there are pricing options below the coupon code field, they will not be affected by the coupon code. The coupon code needs to be below any financial options to apply the discount.