Create invite codes and/or password protect your form

Needing to restrict registration to only a select group of people? Use an invite code to ensure only those exclusively invited are allowed to register.

Step 1. Once you have created a campaign using a template, you will need to edit the campaign, enter the layout tab then select the green Add button. There you will add a new Page under Design Elements. Next you will drag and drop all fields onto the second page beginning with the field on the top of your first page to ensure the fields are placed in the exact same order. Note: You may wan to leave a few of the basic information fields on the first page.

Step 2. Next, on page one, select the green Add button to add a Coupon Code field. You can label it Invite Code (or whatever is fitting for your event), and then be sure to choose the option to make the field required. This means anyone who would like to get to the second page to register must provide an invite code to continue on. 

Step 3. In the layout tab you will add a Submit button to be placed at the bottom of the page, to ensure folks can actually make it to the second page of your form.

Step 4. Next you will actually need to create the invite code. Enter the coupons tab and select Add Coupon. Similar to an actual coupon code you can either simply have one coupon code and then control the supply to be limited if you would like; or you can select the option to import a unique series of coupon codes so that each individual will have their own unique code. Your first page of your form could look something like this.

Note: If you choose to import a unique series of coupon codes, be sure to leave it as unlimited. The software already recognizes the coupon code should only be used once.