Compare events

NOTE:  This feature has been disabled. 

Compare the progress of two campaigns in just a few clicks. 

*  See how you are doing compared to last year's event

*  Track progress compared to an event earlier in the year

*  See how two separate events are tracking against each other

To run a side-by-side comparison of past and current events, follow the steps below:

STEP 1:  Click the Reports icon


STEP 2:  Click Compare Events


STEP 3:  Select an event from the drop down and click Add Event.  NOTE:  If your event does not appear in the drop down box, you will need to go to the Campaigns page and edit your form and enter an Event Date in on the Basics tab.  Then begin again from Step 1.


STEP 4:  Select the event you wish to compare it to and click View


The date range will default to 90 days out from the event date.  Select one of the suggested day ranges, or set your own custom date range.  Below are the ways you will be able to view and compare your data.