Set a registration limit or capacity

Setting limits for event categories is very simple.  The same steps can be taken to set limits for t-shirt sizes, wave times, etc.  Follow the steps below to learn how.

STEP 1 - LAYOUT TAB:  Edit your Campaign and click to the Layout Tab

STEP 2 - EDIT FIELD OR ADD NEW:  Edit your current Registration Options field of your template (or Add a new multiple choice field)

STEP 3 - EDIT OPTIONS:  Edit the initial multiple choice field options.  You will want to make sure Financial Options is checked to Yes if you'd like a fee associated with each category.  You can opt to have the remaining supply of each category show.  That number will count down as people register.  This can be turned On or Off at any point.  Lastly, set your own custom "Sold Out" message.  Once a category fills, this message will appear.

STEP 4 -CREATE CATEGORY DETAILS:  Below you can name your categories, set the prices, limits and date increments.

It is as simple as that!